I’m plagiarizing–is that a problem?

Dear Professor GripeDoctor,

I have a question about the research paper due tomorrow. I just found out from a classmate that we are supposed to cite our visual sources and I have only cited my text sources. I need to know if you will take points off for me not having my visual sources cited since I just got this information today.


Dear BigNuts69,

First, I would like to recommend that you use a different email account for your class-related emails. It is quite disconcerting for me to have to address your concerns seriously when all I can think about are your big nuts and your penchant for a particular sexual position.

Second, I am sorry to hear that you just became aware today of information I gave to the class ten weeks ago. I have told the class once in a handout, several times in class, and several times via email that all sources, including visual sources, must be cited. In addition, the class took a midterm quiz on citing sources and several of the questions concerned citing visual sources. I emphasized when I returned the graded quizzes the importance of noting which questions you missed and making sure you understood what the rules concerning citing sources are.

I am afraid that I will, indeed, hold you to the same standards as I hold those students who paid attention when I went over citing sources. Whether or not I would deduct points for your failure to cite some of your sources is immaterial. As I’ve stated in the syllabus, papers that exhibit plagiarism will earn the grade of F. Although you may dutifully cite your textual sources, as you yourself have said, you have not cited your visual sources. That, my friend, is plagiarism.

I urge you to take a few minutes and add the citations for your visual sources to your works cited list.

Professor GripeDoctor

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