I got out of XX

Miraculously, I got out doing XX. It turns out, Administrator #1 needed XX done during a particular time slot on a particular day and it was absolutely impossible for me to be on campus at the day/time. And of course, as I said earlier, there are lots of people on campus qualified to do XX, so it was pretty easy to find someone else to do it, which simply highlights the ridiculousness of the way it all came about that I was supposed to do XX.

To add to the ridiculousness of it all, I found out that the person who is doing XX is being paid to do it, whereas it was implied to me that I would be doing XX gratis.

This whole situation makes me angry about two different things. One is the cavalier way the two administrators scheduled me for something without talking to me or my supervisor about whether it was even appropriate for me to take this project on. Administrators at my institution seem very in the dark about faculty schedules and workloads. Administrators #1 and #2, for example, clearly didn’t understand that it was possible, even likely, that I wouldn’t be available at the time/day XX needed to be done. They also didn’t understand that teaching actually is a full time job and that you can’t just add a huge task with a firm, tight deadline without adequate notice.

The other is the inconsistency about who gets paid to do what. As a full-time faculty member, almost anything can be considered part of my workload, but technically, any time I do work that isn’t teaching or part of my administrative assignment or related to a committee I serve on, it can be considered “overload” (i.e. I get paid extra to do it) if I have to do it while I am off contract (this usually applies only to summer work) or if my supervisor and the Academic VP approve of it. This loosy-goosy policy basically means that if you complain a lot about a particularly onerous task, you can manage to get paid for doing it, and if you don’t, you’ll probably end up doing it without pay. So it if fairly typical for two people to do the same thing and one person gets paid for it and the other doesn’t, particularly if the two people have two different deans.

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