looks like I’m doing XX

Explain to me how this happens:

Two low-level administrators at the college are talking. Neither is my supervisor or even in my division of the college. One says, “I wonder who could do XX for my department in a couple weeks.” XX is a project that would involve about 8-10 hours of work. It is something I would imagine about 30-40 people on campus are absolutely qualified to do.

The other administrator says, “GripeDoctor could do it. I’m sure she’d be very pleased to do it.”

So administrator #1 emails administrator #2 saying, “Can you confirm that GripeDoctor can do XX?”

Let me mention that at this point, I am oblivious to all this. I know nothing about any of this until administrator #2 replies to administrator #1’s email and ccs me. Administrator #2’s email goes like this: “As I said, I am sure GripeDoctor would be very pleased to do XX. Please contact her to arrange the details.”

That’s how I found out that I have been committed by administrator #2, who, I just want to emphasize, is not my supervisor, not familiar with my workload, etc., etc., etc., to doing XX. I don’t have time or energy for this, lots of other people are qualified, but because of the way this all came about, if I say no to doing XX, I will look like I am backing out of something.

I can’t count on Dean Know-It-All or Cool Chair to help me out here. Dean Know-It-All is all about pimping out her people and Cool Chair will fear that if I back out of XX, she’ll be tapped to do it. So I’m afraid I’m screwed.

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