I missed class, yada yada yada

Dear GripeDoctor,

I know you told us on the first day to get contact information from a few classmates in case we miss a class and need to get the notes from someone, but I didn’t do that. I missed the last class and now I need the notes. I have no idea what I need to have done for class tomorrow. I need you to get back to me as soon as possible so that I can be prepared for tomorrow’s class.


Ima Serious-Student

Dear Ima,

I am sorry you had to miss class, especially because I divided the class into groups for the group project I mentioned on the first day and now you are not part of a group. Since you didn’t bother to get contact information from anyone in the class, not only will you be unaware of what’s going on when you come to class tomorrow, but you will not be very popular with whichever group I end up adding you to. The other group members will, most likely, have spent part of the weekend preparing for today’s class and working on the group project; you will have done nothing and will have absolutely nothing to bring to the group’s discussion.

It sucks to be you.



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